Wild Fire: An Overview of the Slot Game

The Beasts of Fire slot machine is a video slot game developed by Play’n GO, and it features a compelling plot. The setting is the Great Plains, which were hit by a meteor “like no other” years ago, killing an entire herd of buffalo, as stated on the game sheet. You might expect a sight of carnage after such an event, yet the asteroid actually gave the herd an extraterrestrial, flaming energy rather than killing them. Beasts of Fire, a slot machine with stacked symbols, expanding reels and ways, free spins, plus respins, all wrapped up in a strange story, was conceived.

A game set on the Great Plains could lead you to expect a level playing field, but Beasts of Fire proves you wrong. Beasts of Fire is not set against a vast, rolling field that seems to go on forever; instead, it is framed by snowy, uninviting mountains. These mountains appear like they’re going to be hit by a storm, and it’s hard to picture any creatures thriving here. In the United States, the Great Plains are bounded by the Rocky Mountains, thus this makes sense. The hulking panorama in Beasts of Fire is reminiscent of Kalamba Games’ Blazing Bull and Blazing Bull 2, with its strong, rocky vibe and hint of mysticism.

Spins may cost anywhere from 10 pence to £/€100, and the grid’s five reels are arranged in a 3443 pattern. There is a wide range of possible ways, from the standard 576 to a whopping 12,348 in Meteor Respins. In this case, the ideal return to player (RTP) is 96.24%, while volatility is rated 7 out of 10 and falls between the medium and high ranges.

If two or more symbols in any row, starting from the leftmost reel, form a winning combination, the game will pay out. Except for the highest premium, which pays off with just two, all other symbols need at least three to do so. The buffalo is the highest paying icon, followed by bears, cougars, eagles, and what we think is a badger but might be wrong about both of those guesses. Combinations of five premium symbols still pay out between 3 and 6 times the wager. Five of a kind with the remaining 10-A royals pays between 1.2 and 2.5 times the wager. Wild landscapes might appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. Unlike scatters and meteors, wilds may replace any other icon.

Beasts of the Fire Slot Machine Options

With features like Buffalo Stampede, Meteor Respins, and Burnin’ Power Free Spins, you may try to chase the astounding maximum win in Beasts of Fire.

A Stampede of Buffalo

On each given spin of the main game, this bonus might randomly activate. Activating this feature boosts the hit frequency and the likelihood of scoring a jackpot by boosting the quantity of buffalo symbols on the reels.

Revolving Meteor

The only reel that gets a Meteor Respin is the third. The respins function is activated when one of them is landed. Buffalo Stampede is more likely to occur, and all reels grow by one extra position. If another meteor symbol appears during the respin, you’ll get an additional respin and the reels will expand by one position. When the reels reach their maximum height (which may be expanded to a maximum of three times), all meteors are deleted. After a successful respin, any payouts are made, and the reels go back to their usual height for the next gaming round, thus free spins cannot be generated from them.

Power Spins at No Cost using Flammable Burning Fuel

The golden scatter icon can occur anywhere on reels 2, 3, or 4. If you get three of them, you’ll receive ten Burnin’ Power Free Spins. During these bonus rounds, the buffalo sign is swapped out for the fire beast symbol, which is worth twice as much. In order to activate Meteor Respins, reel 3 must keep the meteor symbol. After expanding during free spins, the reels will remain at their new, larger size until the bonus round ends. Free games are multiplied by ten if you get three scatters during the bonus round. Each subsequent set of spins will begin with the reels set to their standard height once the current set concludes.

Infernal Slot Beast: Judgment

The buffalo theme is used by many different game developers, therefore it’s surprising to see Play’n GO create a slot based on them for the first time. The North American wilderness, however, is familiar to the developers because it has been included in previous games like Coywolf Cash and Thunder Screech. Beasts of Fire is an edgier, higher-stakes game than any of them, combining Play’n GO’s skill at making beautiful, atmospheric wilderness vistas with a slew of well-designed, consistently rewarding extras.

It’s interesting to dissect Beasts of Fire and see how many of its components are recognizable from other Play’n GO games. Recently, Kiss Reels of Rock adopted a rather familiar reel configuration, and the studio has a soft spot for reel extensions. It’s easy to understand why people like these additions, and when everything clicks, Beasts of Fire is more than capable of delivering exciting gameplay. The combination of a high number of possible paylines (up to 25,000), the possibility of landing stacked pay symbols, and relatively high-value symbols for those symbols (given the high number of paylines), results in a maximum payout of 25,000 times the wager.

Play’n GO has created a slot machine that is every bit as solid as the rugged mountains in the background. Though it may not be a game-changer, Beasts of Fire has a number of solid bonuses, such as the Buffalo Stampede, which occurs randomly throughout the main game and keeps players on their toes, and the free spin and re-spin features, which often work well together. It’s a studio’s tale about a meteor crashing to Earth and hitting a herd of buffalo, but the player will be so immersed in the game that they won’t even notice the plot.






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